Wagamama’s treat holidaymakers to a Lewis’s bread breakfast treat at London airports!

Yes, you heard correctly! Wagamama’s, a highly revered national restaurant chain who boast a broad selection of delicious Asian culinary treats prepared fresh to order, are one of the more recent clients to join us here at Lewis’s bakery! Or rather, we’re taking Lewis’s top quality baked goods to them…!

It’s no secret that Asian food – as we know it – does not traditionally offer much of an array of bread. However, it is also not considered that conventional for Brits to crave rice or noodles for breakfast… so, needs must!

Wagamama’s franchises in Heathrow’s infamous Terminal 5 and Gatwick’s North Terminal have decided to cash in on the potential for business at breakfast by offering a selection of Lewis’s breads on their breakfast menu.

This new menu includes some slightly more familiar options for those travelling inconveniently early in the morning, who may not fancy miso or wasabi but, are familiar with the quality of food that Wagamama’s is so well known for.

With a Wagamama’s “tasty classic” breakfast, you will be treated to a Lewis’s white or multigrain sourdough bloomer as well as our pain de campagne – that’s French sourdough to you and I, in case you were wondering!

Slices of sourdough served alongside either a hearty full English fry up, eggs on toast or even as a side to either your British or Asian inspired omelette, not to mention a great selection of sandwich favourites! Lewis’s were more than happy to provide Wagamama’s with our sourdough products on food service to help them kick-start a successfully scrumptious and comforting addition to some of the most typically stressful parts to your holiday.

Isn’t that thoughtful of them? We thought so!

So, if the idea of having to go to Terminal 5 at London Heathrow is causing some anxiety in your holiday plans, rest assured that you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to try out Lewis’s selection of breads at none other than the UK’s most popular Asian restaurant. Gung ho!