Bespoke, glazed and freshly baked bread buns for handmade burger restaurant

Have you ever heard of Handmade Burger Co?  Have you ever been to a Handmade Burger Co. restaurant?
If the answer to either of these questions is no, well, we guarantee you’ll have a hankering to visit one after this…

They are a seriously classy burger joint that continues to impress its clientele up and down the country and Lewis’s Bakery have been proudly providing burger buns to all of their restaurants for the last 7 years. So, excuse us while we take a teeny bit of credit for their huge fan base and customer loyalty!

Why are we only just deciding to bring this to your attention?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there is a new bun in town. That’s right. Please contain your excitement as we announce the arrival of the freshest, the tastiest, and the filthiest burger bap you’ve ever laid your eyes on; we give you “The Butter Milk Bun”.

And the sole reason behind its existence? Handmade Burger Co.’s brand new, yet already infamous, “DIRTY BURGER”.

handmade burger co

Customised Fresh Bread

An invention originally initiated by the innovative Handmade Burger Co. themselves, a company built on the principle of sourcing the very best ingredients for their meals, they challenged us once more to make something that could complement the contents of their brand new meat feast compilation.

Now before you say it, because we know you’re thinking it, “The Butter Milk Bun” is not supposed to sound sexy, OK? It sounds soft and sweet, because that’s exactly how it tastes.

The Butter Milk Bun is a slightly sweet, light and squidgy burger bap, carefully glazed with our secret recipe before being baked and then shipped out to Handmade Burger Co.’s restaurants all over the country. Fresh. Every day.

It’s served with a choice of three variations of the “Dirty Burger”, wrapped in foil and served to you the only way a Dirty Burger should be served; freshly made, packed with flavour, wrapped in foil and just a little bit sweaty! Mmmmmm.

We have worked hard together with Handmade Burger Co. to create a highly unique range of burger buns. Bread that not only complements their tantalising burger combos here but that adds a little something extra to their unusual twist to a classic dish.

With 25 restaurants scattered all over the UK, there is no excuse in regards to finding out where your nearest franchise is and getting yourself down there to try it our for yourself. Enjoy!

If you’d like to know more about Lewis’s Bakery or be supplied by us, feel free to call Simon Lewis on 0121 785 2422 or email us