Frozen Bread

With decades of experience in distributing our baked goods

all around Birmingham and the West Midlands, we are committed to providing the very best products to our customers. Our team always keep up to date with current baking trends and strive to create innovative new products to suit the current market.

At Lewis’s Bakery, making use of our 9000 sq ft baking facilities, we always look to stay up to date with the latest technologies to allow us to cater to our customer’s exact needs. Our Frozen bread range is full of all of our most popular products, from frozen baguettes and bloomers, frozen rolls and buns, to ciabatta and focaccia.

Frozen Bread?

Our range of frozen bread products is the perfect solution

Our full range of frozen craft bakery products, both traditional and artisan, are perfect for creating a wonderful catering menu. With the fast pace of the catering industry, we understand the importance of keeping well stocked up. We understand that it’s not practical for caterers to keep large amounts of fresh bread in stock, as it’s difficult to ensure that it stays fresh. Our range of frozen bread products is the perfect solution, allowing caterers to keep up with customer demand.

We are always excited about developing new tasty bakery products as well as providing all the old favourites. We are always up for a new challenge, so give us a call on 0121 785 2422 or email us