Lewis’s Bakery cracks European Market with artisan bread for French company

It’s official! Lewis’s Bakery are proud to announce that we have cracked into the European Market and are now official suppliers of wholesale artisan bread in France!

We know what you’re thinking, what does a country like France, renowned for its superior selection and quality of baked goodness, want with a wholesale bakery from Birmingham? Actually, there are a few things that made us an attractive candidate for our new client. All the more reason to shout about it!

Yes, it’s true, if you’ve ever been to France, independent bakers are about as commonly found as pubs per square mile in England. Their deliciously fresh and traditional family recipes are what put France on the world food map and make bread an undeniable national speciality. This is why we take it as a massive compliment that a French company have deemed our product and our ability to bake bread as French consumer worthy!

Our new French friends own a chain of burger restaurants and have a wholesale business providing quality bread for their customers and it appears that although it quality bread makers isn’t something that is lacking in France, these small independent business owners don’t have the capacity to cope with large orders or provide an option for wholesale. Reportedly, the large bakery businesses that can cope with high volume orders just don’t make the cut and are not providing a selection of breads that is of a high enough quality to impress fine diners.

Here at Lewis’s Bakery, therefore, have taken the biscuit! We have demonstrated to provide what many can’t; bespoke baked goods, frozen and therefore distributable to other suppliers and providers within the catering industry – not just in the UK but now in Europe too.

White label wholesale bread that looks and tastes as fresh as if it had come straight from your own kitchen

Frozen products are notorious for their lack of variety, and that is where we know we’re a step above the rest. Being able to work closely with clients to create a product that is exclusive to them and sets them apart from other providers is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Lewis’s Bakery have been in business for 117 years, and we are extremely proud of how we have built a reputation based on quality and uniqueness that has travelled across to our European neighbours.

First the UK, now Europe. Next stop? THE REST OF THE WORLD!*
*Cue TV cliché evil laugh.

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