Lewis’s Bakery customise new Pretzel-style burger bun for Revolution bar and restaurants nationwide.

Lewis’s have been working closely with the Head Chefs at Vodka Revolution Bar and Restaurants to create the ultimate, Pretzel-style burger buns for their restaurants up and down the country.

With nothing less than a severe passion for the innovation of bread and all baked goods, we came up with a UK first for the Revolution Bar menu. Let’s see if we can really get your mouth watering!

A pretzel roll for anything from a rich and smoky pork belly filling to a juicy beef burger towered with streaky bacon, corn battered chicken and smoked cheddar…. Salivating yet?

A savoury, shiny burger bun, that’s chewy and delicious and is the first of its kind in the UK. I guess you could say we are taking our role in the wholesale bakery industry extremely seriously, clothing one naked burger at a time, and making sure that each bun is exactly what it needs to be in order to fill our clients’ culinary needs and improving their customers’ dining experience all at the same time.

It’s not an easy feat, however. Take this particular concoction, for example. There’s an entire process that we go through with our clients to ensure that we fully understand what their expectations are. We have a brief with our client, making sure we know exactly what boxes they want us to tick, develop the product for them and then we work flat out to get it just right.

We’re nothing if not meticulous. Our pretzel roll is testament to that

The pretzel burger bun can be distinguished from other rolls by its distinctive pretzel-style cuts on the top. See, we’re nothing if not meticulous. We’re happy to report that the pretzel roll at Revolution Bar Restaurants is selling really well and the crew at Revolution haven’t looked back since. Make sure you take a look at the Revolution website to see their selection of pretzel roll fillings .

If you want to create something unique, you have to have the experience, the expertise and the patience to see it through to the very end. Luckily for us, our clients seem to agree that we don’t lack any of these qualities.

If we’re perfectly honest, we think this is where we differ, no, excel in our field and stand out from our competitors. We customise the bread to make sure that it complements the food they want to sell. It’s as simple as that.

For more information contact Lewis’s Bakery on 0121 785 2422 or email us at contact@lewisbakery.co.uk.