Asda jumps on Lewis’s bakery blooming bandwagon!

We are “blooming” proud to announce that our ‘Doorstep Sliced Birmingham Bloomer’ is now available in Asda supermarkets throughout the West Midlands at selected major stores!

The arrival of our Bloomer loaves in local Asda stores is an exciting progression for our brand, and an accomplishment for us as bakers that we hope will reinforce the trust that comes with our commitment to quality assurance in baking our bread just the way you like it.
We also hope that this news will show other businesses far and wide, encouraging them to get in touch with us so we can help them provide the same level of consistent quality to their customers that we provide our own.

We have always accentuated how important it is for us to provide the best possible service for our customers alongside the quality guarantee of our loaves. We value customer loyalty more than anything else within our business, as we believe that it is the loyalty of our customers as well as the quality of our bread that has kept us going strong as a family brand for over a century.

asda-and-lewis-bakeryBlooming Marvellous!

The Bloomer can be recognised by its oval or oblong shape, crusty exterior, soft fluffy centre and the traditional slashes along the top of the loaf – a badge of honour for the length of time it spends battling it out in the oven to retain its tasty goodness for the lucky consumer!
It’s the ideal loaf for sandwiches, but perfectly delectable on its own or as a side for hot soup. A family favourite, and at 20mm thickness per slice, it’s certainly an impressive serving, in any restaurant.

The bloomer gets its name from the method in which it is traditionally baked. The carefully selected ingredients for our bloomer loaves are placed in a bread tin in our ovens as a doughy mixture and, with no lid, set free to “bloom” to their highest potential. The sky is the limit!
A bit like us as a company really – a nice little metaphor to leave you with!